Response: Minister of education asks for info re teacher discipline files

Accommodating student and employee needs

Join the ASBA legal team for this conference. Deadline to register is September 26.

School boards bring
Inspiring Education
to life

Alberta schools, classrooms and how we teach are changing as school boards bring Inspiring Education to life.

Law for educators/trustees

Parting ways with your Superintendent? Read the April vis-à-vis legal newsletter for the do’s, don’ts, dollars and sense. The ASBA offers 4 different vehicles to learn more about the law and public education.

Community engagement
for school boards

Resources and research for school boards who want to connect with their communities.

Get involved with the ASBA

The ASBA organizes and serves on over 60 committees and task forces.

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Education in the news

New Calgary school not appropriate for Scenic Acres
7/23/2014, Calgary Herald
Prentice pledges new Alberta schools but won't commit to timeline
7/22/2014, Edmonton Journal

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Teaching Excellence task force sessions added to SGM program, Vice-president heads review of ASBA membership fees, Report: Improving Zone/ASBA communications, Is your MLA on govt. committee that deals with education and STAR Catholic student wins first Shining Student Award in the May 15 Hot News.

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Communications Now

Decade of student engagement brings solid insights to St. Albert Public trustees (PDF–105K), Decade of student engagement brings solid insights to St. Albert Public trustees, Making a good first impression with your new superintendent, Helping students become engaged citizens and more in the June Communications Now. See the Communications Now index of articles.