Excellence in education through exceptional school board governance



ASBA Bylaws June 2017 (PDF–134K)

Governance handbook: June 2017 (PDF–777K)

Minutes Fall General Meeting 2015 (PDF–147K)

Minutes Spring General Meeting 2016 (PDF–181K)

Mission, Vision and Values


Excellence in education through exceptional school board governance.


Leading the betterment of education by serving locally-elected school boards in their role of establishing the conditions for student success.


The Alberta School Boards Association (ASBA) values public education governed by locally-elected public, separate and francophone school boards. ASBA’s work is informed by this core value as well as the following:

  • ASBA values building understanding by:
    • Respecting and reflecting diverse interests in the common goal of governing for excellence
    • Creating opportunities for unique perspectives to be shared and common interests to be explored
    • Advocating in the best interest of K-12 education
  • ASBA values collaboration by:
    • Engaging school boards, stakeholders and partners
    • Inviting input and feedback
    • Encouraging teamwork and cooperation
  • ASBA values innovation by:
    • Finding new approaches to problem-solving and service delivery
    • Identifying opportunities that allow for enhanced effectiveness and efficiency through continuous improvement
    • Providing opportunities for generative discussion
  • ASBA values responsiveness and proactivity by:
    • Reacting in a timely and effective fashion to issues and developments impacting education
    • Staying abreast of trends within education, as well as other sectors, to better position boards to address challenges and seize opportunities
    • Recognizing and anticipating the needs of school boards in relation to systemic issues impacting education
updated: March 2017