Promoting Excellence in Public Education



ASBA Bylaws December 2016 (PDF–138K)

Governance handbook: December 2016 (PDF–885K)

Minutes Fall General Meeting 2015 (PDF–147K)

Minutes Spring General Meeting 2016 (PDF–181K)

Mission, Vision and Guiding principles


Promoting excellence in public education.

Vision statement

  • ASBA is a respected and influential provincial association of locally elected school boards.
  • ASBA supports publicly elected school boards in their efforts to ensure that students in Alberta have the opportunity to reach their highest potential.
  • ASBA is the leading voice advocating for public education in Alberta.
  • ASBA is energized by the enthusiastic participation of its members.

Guiding principles

Guiding principles are high level directional statements that define the Alberta School Boards Association’s values and parameters.

  • Public education — public, separate and francophone jurisdictions – must be governed by locally elected school boards.
  • School boards must have the autonomy to make decisions in the best interests of the students and communities they serve.
  • School boards must have access to equitable funding to fulfil the mandate of educating their students. A portion of this funding must come from property taxes.
  • Direct access to the local property tax base and the ability to tax are fundamental to school board autonomy, accountability and responsiveness to their communities.
  • The Alberta School Boards Association will sponsor or provide input to any amendments to the School Act and regulations.
  • School boards are responsible for communicating with their communities about the local public education system.
  • School boards are responsible for providing quality public education to their students.