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ASBA Governance Handbook: June 2018 (PDF-834KB)

ASBA policies bulletin: FGM 2018

Updated ASBA Position Statements document:

  • The changes to the document above were approved by the Board of Directors at the September 2018 Board meeting.
  • They include housekeeping/style changes to what was formerly called “ASBA Policy Statements.”
  • No changes were made to the content of previous document – any proposed content changes are made through the standard policy process.
  • For a detailed explanation of the style changes to the updated Position Statements document, please click here.
  • Please refer to this September 2018 version of the document as the starting point for discussions for ASBA’s  upcoming FGM.

Developing policy from start to finish: A graphic (PDF–261K)

Policy process (PDF–81K)

Budget, bylaw and policy processes (PDF-118K)