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Position papers

As part of its advocacy work, the ASBA advanced these positions on education policy questions.

Child and Youth Advocate Act

ASBA submission: Child and Youth Advocate Act Review (PDF-104K)

Published: October 2016

Local Authorities Election Act

ASBA submission: Local Authorities Election Act review (PDF-269K)

Published August 2016

Municipal Government Act

ASBA submission: City Charters Regulation Review 2018 (PDF-165KB)

Published May 2018

ASBA submission: Modernized Municipal Government Act (PDF-362K)

Published July 2016

Education Act

ASBA submission: Draft education regulations (PDF–906K)

Published January 2015

Summary: Changes to the proposed education regulations (PDF–684K)

Published January 2015

ASBA submission: Education regulations (PDF–1.29M)

Published November 2013

ASBA letter to minister of education: New Education Act (PDF–651K)

Published October 21, 2011

ASBA response: Appointed trustees (PDF–95K)

Published January 2011

ASBA response: Proposed framework for new Education Act (PDF–200K)

Published January 2011

ASBA submission: A new Education Act for Alberta (PDF–274K)

Published November 2, 2009

Establishing a municipal auditor general

ASBA response (PDF–79K)

Published October 28, 2009

Organization of Northland School Division

ASBA response (PDF–334K)

Published June 2010

School act

ASBA submission: Education Services Agreement Standards (PDF-152KB)

Published May 2018


School board governance

Reimagining school board governance: A call to action (PDF–892K)

Published November 2013

Teaching excellence: Government task force

ASBA response to the task force recommendations (PDF–254K)

Published June 2014

ASBA submission to the task force (PDF–217K)

Published December 2013

Teachers’ unfunded pension liability: Government task force

ASBA submission (PDF–37K)

Published August 1, 2007