Excellence in education through exceptional school board governance

Being a school trustee

The ASBA developed these materials to explain the role of school boards and to help trustees communicate to their local communities about trusteeship and school boards.

Trustee testimonials

Trustees talk about their work and its rewards 

An orientation package for school trustees

Your key to trusteeship and school boards in Alberta

Published 2013

Complete guide (PDF–3.6MB)
What’s on the horizon: issues scan
8 steps to successful trusteeship
Your first board meeting and beyond
What do school boards do?
Your legal responsibilities
Education funding
Legislation that affects education
About the ASBA and how we can help you
Acronyms and jargon
Partners in public education
People of the ASBA

Grade 6 teaching resource focused on school boards

Teaching about local government: school boards
This resource lists activities teachers can use Grade 6 classrooms to explain the role of school boards and trustees.

Explaining what school boards do

This handbook, tools and templates outline a comprehensive communications plan school boards can implement to help communicate their role to their local community. For more information contact Heather Massel, ASBA Communications.
Frequently asked questions about school boards: Guide for trustees (PDF–12K)
The work of school boards: Power Point presentation (PDF–340K)
School board roles and responsibilities: Fact sheet (PDF–200 K)
Public involvement vital part of public education: Article (PDF–19K)
Roles and responsibilities of school boards: Insert for student handbook (PDF–14K)
Poster (PDF–198K)
Poster text (PDF–9K)
Brochure (PDF–26K)
Radio advertisement (PDF–14K)
Insert for #10 envelope (PDF–89K)
Billboard template (PDF–202K)
Billboard text (PDF–9K)
Banner (PDF–142K)

Protocol for recognizing trustees at special events

School jurisdictions are encouraged to use this protocol to ensure trustees and other elected officials are appropriately introduced and involved at school, jurisdiction and jurisdiction events. A draft letter to introduce the protocol to jurisdiction staff is included.
Protocol (draft) (PDF–24K)
Introduce the protocol to staff: Letter (PDF–16K)