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November 30, 2011

Published by the ASBA and distributed to members and friends of the association.


ASBA report recommends governance model to improve Aboriginal student results

Released November 22, 2011, the ASBA’s Ensuring First Nations, Metis and Inuit Success: Leadership Through Governance report outlines five actions school boards can take to improve Aboriginal students achievement including:

  1. Give the Aboriginal community a voice
  2. As a school board articulate a vision for student success
  3. Work with the local Aboriginal community to develop a plan for the way forward
  4. Work with the local Aboriginal community to define and measure success and track progress to the goal.
  5. School boards should be fair as they develop policies and practices that affect Aboriginal learners.

The report's author Sig Schmold writes, "School boards who take seriously the challenge of improving Aboriginal student achievement face all of the challenges found in improving student learning outcomes generally, plus the challenges and opportunities associated with closing the Aboriginal student achievement gap in a context that builds understanding and incorporates the values and worldview of local Aboriginal communities."

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Mark your calendars
January 19-20, Fantasyland Hotel

Learn from leading arbitrator Paula Knopf

Join Arbitrator Paula Knopf, a leading labour relations and dispute resolution arbitrator and mediator in Ontario’s private and public sectors for this January 20 hands-on seminar covering:

  • successful management of grievance arbitrations
  • resolving work place disputes via
    alternative dispute resolution mechanism
  • how to prepare for a grievance arbitration
  • understanding of the standard of
    reasonableness in the work place
  • how to effectively manage
    duty to accommodate issues

Tailored to senior jurisdiction staff with Human Resources responsibilities and interested trustees, this is a rare opportunity to learn from one of Canada’s leading labour relations and dispute resolution arbitrators and mediators. The fee for this seminar is $300 (plus GST). Online registration will be available at www.asba.ab.ca in early December. This seminar is part of the ASBA’s ongoing efforts to beef up its legal education for school boards and their senior staff.

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Legal videoconference Jan.24, 2012

FOIPP: secrets, privacy and
transparency for trustees

Join ASBA lawyer Jeremy Schick for this videoconference exploring: what trustees and administrators need to know about Freedom of Information laws when dealing with petitions, delegations and school board documents.

The videoconference will run noon to 1:30 p.m. Jan. 24, 2012. The fee: $150 (plus GST) per site. The registration deadline is Friday, Jan. 13, 2012. Online registration available next week.

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Fall Meeting presentations now posted

Check out the PowerPoint presentations and Jacquie Hansen’s speech to the assembly here. Read about our award winners. The conference and session evaluations will be e-mailed this week. Please take the time to complete the evaluations as they help us plan future events to meet your needs.

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For emergency contact info call 1.780.482.7311

ASBA staff attend planning
session Dec. 12 and 13

The ASBA staff will meet for its annual planning session December 12 and 13, 2011. They will work with facilitators Jim Beaubien and Karen Caesar. This team facilitated the association’s Leadership Academy in Banff. Staff will be available to school boards for emergencies. Please contact reception at 1.780.482.7311.

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What's new @ www.asba.ab.ca

New policies (PDF–97K)
Drawing of ASBA policy process (PDF–261K)
Fall conference hand-outs

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In the news...

Each day the ASBA posts education headlines
on the ASBA website.

Recent headlines

Edmonton Public trustees pass policy
to protect sexual minorities

11/29/2011, The Edmonton Journal
Community engagement: Medicine Hat Public asks:
what education do you want for your child

11/30/2011, Medicine Hat News
What Minister Lukaszuk said during his parent teleconference (scroll to bottom of page)
11/29/2011, Government of Alberta
Alberta students do well at university
thanks to PATs: Editorial Calgary Herald

11/30/2011, canada.com
Protesting B.C. teachers don't have to write
report cards: Labour Relations Board

11/30/2011, The Province
Cursive writing out/iPads in: Trends in public education
11/30/2011, The Globe and Mail
Ottawa area high school bans yoga pants
11/30/2011, The Globe and Mail
Ontario students who bully could
be expelled: new legislation

11/30/2011, thestar.com
Durham Catholic schools keep kilts for girls
11/29/2011, thestar.com
Ontario to introduce new anti-bullying legislation
11/30/2011, CBC

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