Extra fuel cost funding welcome news for school boards

Release date: September 30, 2005

Alberta Education’s announcement today of an additional $15.5 million to offset student
transportation fuel costs is welcome news, says Maureen Kubinec, president of the Alberta School
Boards Association (ASBA)

“School boards, particularly in rural areas, are struggling to manage high fuel costs within existing
budgets. The Minister has responded very quickly and very positively to our request for more
support in this area,” said Ms. Kubinec.

She went on to say that Alberta schools need provincial support in order to cope with unexpected
jumps in utility costs. “The Minister of Education’s commitment to work with school boards to
address fuel cost pressures gives the ASBA confidence that future fluctuations can be effectively
managed,” noted Ms. Kubinec.

For more information contact: Maureen Kubinec, ASBA President at 1.780.349.1229 or 1.780.349.6122.

The Alberta School Boards Association serves and represents all Alberta’s public, separate and francophone school boards.