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Here are 4 ways educators/trustees can learn about the law and public education: videoconferences, conferences, pay-per-view sessions and the vis-à-vis legal newsletter.


Learn about education law from the comfort of your
local board room.

Pay-per-view videos

Videos about hot-topic issues in education law.

Fee: $65 plus GST
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Superintendent contracts: Do’s and don’ts for school boards

Terry Gunderson, Education Consultant
Angela Town, Lawyer

Recruit/hire your dream team

Terry Gunderson, Education Consultant
Deborah McGuire, Lawyer

Peace in the Valley: Mediating trustee relationships

Jim Gibbons, Sr. Education Advisor
Heather Welwood, Education Consultant
Yvon Prefontaine, Lawyer

Secrets, privacy and transparency for trustees

Jeremy Schick, Lawyer

A school board’s duty to accommodate

Jeremy Schick, Lawyer

In camera meetings:
What – if anything – should be private?

Deb Tumbach, Senior Lawyer
Jim Gibbons, Sr. Education Consultant

Trustee code of conduct: how to develop?

Jim Gibbons, Sr. Education Advisor
Teresa Haykowsky, McLennan Ross LLP

Developing a social networking policy for your school jurisdiction

Yvon Prefontaine, Lawyer
Teresa Haykowsky, McLennan Ross LLP

Student expulsion: how to avoid getting sued

Teresa Haykowsky, McLennan Ross LLP


Participate in case-study based sessions with lots of
hands-on learning

vis-à-vis: legal newsletter for educators

Written for education leaders and policy-makers. Our goal
is to provide timely legal news in plain language. Produced
by Teresa Haykowsky, McLennan Ross LLP and
Suzanne Lundrigan, ASBA.

Note: This newsletter makes reference to Internet links. The ASBA does not guarantee the authenticity of this material. Please direct questions about Internet material to the author of that material. The legal information provided in this newsletter is for information purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. The opinions expressed in this newsletter may not reflect the opinions of the ASBA.

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Do’s, don’ts, dollars and sense

April 2014

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March 2013

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procedures: Ontario review

October 2012

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for Facebook posts

July 2012

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March 2012

School boards must act to stamp out hazing

December 2011

A legal look at in camera meetings for school boards

September 2011

What do I do? My teacher aide refuses to work
with a student because he hit her

June 2011

Teen sexting costs lives

March 2011

Trustees behaving badly

December 2010

Bullying in schools a legal perspective

September 2010

Legal guidance for a digital world

May 2010