Excellence in education through exceptional school board governance

Session hand-outs

SGM 2017 Building for the Future

Policy and Philosophy (PDF-279K)

Elan MacDonald, Brookes Merritt

Indecent Disclosures – recommended resources (PDF-109K)

Jill Clayton

FGM 2016 Strong Together

Creating healthy school communities (PDF-4M)

Dave Colburn/Brian Torrance

Joint commitment to action (PDF-406K)

Charlene Bearhead/Brian Callaghan

Increasing value for school boards (PDF-865K)

Barry Litun/Leroy Sloan

Provincial Issues Forum Fall 2016

ASBA: Envisioning Our Future – Discover and Dream update (PDF-613K)

“On the Radar” – Updates on key issues (PDF-174K)

Child and Youth Advocate Act Review Guide (PDF-858K)

Joint Commitment to Action agreement (PDF-734K)

Provincial Curriculum Development presentation (PDF-152K) Booklet (PDF-2M)

SGM 2016 Weaving Partnerships

Aboriginal Youth ART Project – Bullying Prevention in Schools (PDF-202K)

Barry Davidson

Becoming a Leader of Influence (PDF-187K)

Jim Beaubien/Karen Caesar

Building Capacity Through Effective Board Governance (PDF-170K)

Jim Beaubien

FNMI Task Force: Collaboration Success Story and what’s next? (PDF-600K)

Brian Callaghan

Joint Use Agreements and School Site Planning (PDF-627K)

Terry Gunderson, Avi Habinski, Bary Beck, Jason Freund

Learning Technology Policy Framework 2.0 (PDF-5M)

Brain Callaghan

Municipal Government Act (MGA) Review: Implications for School Boards (PDF-3M)

Mark Rawlek

Professional Practice Standards (PDF-219K)

Draft School Authority Leadership Quality Standard (PDF-137K)

Randy Clarke/Jim Gibbons

The Sandbox (PDF-371K)

Jennifer Carson

Healthy Employees Cost Less (PDF-2M)

Jennifer Carson

Provincial Issues Forum Spring 2016

Municipal Government Act Review (PDF-3M)

Mary Martin/Mark Rawlek

Teaching Quality Standard/School Leader Standard (PDF-850K)

Randy Clarke

Inclusive Education Policy Framework (PDF-1M)

David Woloshyn

FGM 2015 Making connections

The art of chairing a board meeting (PDF–96K)

Kevin Feehan

Breaking legal news (PDF–330K)

Grace Cooke/Shasta Desbarats

Dealing with diversity (PDF–486K)

Catherine Armstrong

Healthy employees equal lower benefit plan costs (PDF–5M)

Karen Holloway, Mike Kischuk and Jennifer Carson

School boards – to vote or not to vote (PDF–822K)

Marcus Tabachnick

You tell us: How can we support teacher and leadership excellence in our schools and systems? (PDF–510K)

Jim Gibbons/Randy Clarke

Day for Advocacy

Working with your MLAs (PDF–50K)

Iris Evans

Let’s get political (PDF–754K)

Maureen Kubinec/Heather Welwood

SGM 2015 Student voices: Loud and clear

President’s address (PDF–82K)

Helen Clease, ASBA President

Disposition of motions: 2015 SGM (PDF– 151K)

Community building (PDF–5M)

Peace River School Division – League of Leadership

Community building (PDF–4M)

Wolf Creek Public Schools – Peer support

Leading local change (PDF– 603K)

Collaboration rubric (PDF– 78K)

Jim Gibbons, ASBA Senior Education Advisor

Keynote: Meaningful student involvement (PDF–710K)

Meaningful student involvement (PDF–2M)

Adam Fletcher

Meet Alberta’s first student trustee (PDF–183K)

Michael Janz, Chair, Edmonton Public

Positive media relations  (Prezi)

Neill Fitzpatrick

Students Lead Revision (PDF–4M)

Sturgeon School Division

Teens for Change (Prezi)

Fort McMurray Catholic Schools

FGM 2014 A=Advocacy

ASBA President’s speech (PDF–34K)

Advocacy our way (PDF–2M)

Creating coalitions: Chinook’s Edge (PDF–1.48M)

Creating coalitions: Red Deer Public Schools (PDF– 1.45M)

Creating coalitions: Alberta Construction Association (PDF–1.93M)

Engaging communities (PDF–3.3M)

How not to get sued (PDF–160K)

Leadership and learning (PDF–914K)

Leadership and learning: Scenarios (PDF–38K)

Negotiating with influence (PDF–300K)

Polishing the apple: Keynote Iris Evans (PDF–4M)

Second languages: ESL (PDF–3.16M)

Second languages: ELL (PDF–290K)

Second languages: Myths (PDF–2.41M

Second languages: Administrators (PDF–108K)

Reimagining school board governance (PDF–460K)

Shaping government policy (PDF–736K)

When bad behaviour makes headlines (PDF–310K)

Working with school councils (PDF–906K)

SGM 2014 Trusted to Lead

President’s address (PDF–73K)

Helen Clease, ASBA President

Leadership teams (PDF–756K)

Jim Gibbons, ASBA Senior Advisor, Heather Welwood, ASBA Consultant

Trusted to Lead (PDF–586K)

Lea BrovedaniPreview Changes

Trusted to Lead (PDF–1.0M)

Gay Robinson

Incite project wrap-up (PDF–2.0M)

Ted Kouri, Incite Marketing

Dialogue with the Deputy

Trusted to Lead: Keynote (PDF–776K)

Lea Brovedani

Building trust: Workbook (PDF–359K)

Lea Brovedani

Natural person powers (PDF–318K)

Jim Gibbons, ASBA Senior Education Advisor

2014 Engaging matters

Keynote: The path to better local decisions  (PDF–961K)

Dr. Don Lenihan

Hearing/heeding students’ voices (PDF–649K)

Eleana Yun

School board best practices (PDF-1.0M)

Kim Webster, Chair and Colleen Symyrozum-Watt, Superintendent, Pembina Hills RD

A word from the wise: expert panel (PDF-45K)

Michael Phair

2014 Unlock your potential presentations

Leading the transformation (Team Talk) (PDF–780K)

Jim Gibbons, ASBA Senior Education Advisor, Heather Welwood, ASBA Consultant

Media relations 101 (PDF–479K)

Suzanne Lundrigan, ASBA Communications Director

Parliamentary Procedures (PDF–83K)

Kevin Feehan, Dentons

Leading the transformation (Skill building) (PDF–722K)

Jim Gibbons, ASBA Senior Education Advisor

The law and the trustee (PDF-578K)

Angela Town, ASBA Lawyer

The law and the trustee (PDF-222K)

Maggie Bacynski, ASBA Lawyer, Grace Cooke, ASBA Lawyer and Angela Town, ASBA Lawyer

The law and the trustee (PDF-234K)

Maggie Bacynski, ASBA Lawyer

Keynote: The path to better local decisions (PDF–961K)

Dr. Don Lenihan