Edwin Parr Awards 2020

Nominations for the Edwin Parr Award for exceptional first year teachers are now closed.

Every school board has excellent first year teachers, teachers who deserve to be recognized for their outstanding efforts by being nominated for the Alberta School Boards Association’s (ASBA) Edwin Parr Teacher Award. ASBA encourages each school board to participate in the process leading to the selection of the 2020 ASBA Edwin Parr Teacher Award recipients.

ASBA’s Edwin Parr Task Force has reviewed the nomination package, allocation, criteria and recognition. This year’s nomination package has been updated to reflect current teaching practices, as well as an update to ASBA’s recognition of recipients (below). Zones can continue to honour their recipients at their own event with an award of their choosing.

A big thank you to our Task Force members for all your hard work and dedication:

  • Sharilyn Anderson (Peace Wapiti School Division) Zone 1
  • Colleen Holowaychuk (Elk Island Public School Division) Zone 2/3
  • Kim Smyth (Clearview School Division) Zone 4
  • Shali Baziuk (Rocky View School Division) Zone 5
  • Lori Hodges (Livingstone Range School Division) Zone 6
  • Dave Dempsey (Evergreen Catholic School Division) CASS
  • Cindi Vaselenak, ASBA facilitator
  • Jan Olson, ASBA meeting chair



Alberta School Boards Association recognition (subject to change due to COVID-19)

  • The provincial ASBA Edwin Parr Teacher Awards will be presented to each of the six Edwin Parr Teacher Award winners at the ASBA Fall General Meeting, November 15-17, 2020
  • A smart watch replaces the traditional gold mechanical watch, along with a framed certificate.
  • ASBA will pay expenses for zone winner attendance at the presentation ceremonies during the ASBA Fall General Meeting.



Click here for the 2020 Edwin Parr Award nomination package