Choice in Public Education

School boards are advocates for Alberta’s children

School boards work with, and are the voice of, parents and public community members, ensuring the best education possible for all children everywhere in Alberta. They care about the needs of children today and for the future. School boards provide important insight into the public education system, ensuring parents’ voices, students’ needs and school community thinking, remain at the forefront of our education system.

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Choice is a key component of the public #ABed system. It’s important that choice continue to be provided through this system—one that is accountable to the public through locally-elected trustees. #ChoosePublicEd #ABtrustees

Alberta School Boards Association

ASBA brings the different voices of Alberta’s school boards together, and advocates on behalf of its membership. Through our vision of: Excellence in education through exceptional school board governance, ASBA offers support and builds the capacity of school boards and individual trustees, ranging from advice and training to leadership, development, governance and advocacy.

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Alberta Education legislation on Choice in Education

The Government of Alberta said it expects to introduce new education legislation in the spring 2020 legislative session intended to "uphold parental rights in education by offering more choices in religious, charter and private schools if public schools don't align with their beliefs." For more information please click below

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