ASBA Choice in Public Education

Did you know?

  • Alberta funds private schools at a higher rate than any other province, in addition to being able to charge tuition.
  • The public education system in Alberta is widely recognized as being among the best in Canada – and the world.
    • Alberta performs third highest globally in science
    • Alberta performs third highest globally in reading
    • Alberta performs eighth highest in globally in math
  • The public education system offers a variety of program choices to meet the needs of a diverse student population, while remaining accountable to the public through publicly- elected trustees.

Alberta School Boards Association believes:

  • In the public education system comprised of the public, separate and francophone school boards in Alberta.
  • That all students across the province deserve equitable, accessible, inclusive education.
  • That every child deserves the opportunity to achieve their full potential, and this potential is best achieved within a strong public education system.
  • That choice exists in the public education system, and offers a variety of programs based on the needs of students and their local community.

In order to build a viable, sustainable, equitable public education system, public funding should only be spent on public education.