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Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan Board  (ASEBP)

This is a Call for Interest to fill an Employer Trustee position on the ASEBP Board of Trustees. To be eligible for this position, applicants must be a trustee, officer, or employee of an ASBA member board or the ASBA. The ASEBP provides health-related benefits to nearly 56,000 Alberta public education sector employees and their dependents. The Board is comprised of five Employer Trustees appointed by the ASBA, of which one will be Chair, and five Employee Trustees appointed by the Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA), of which one will be Vice-Chair. Regardless of their appointing body, all ASEBP Trustees are required by law to act in the best interest of the Beneficiaries. This is both a rewarding and challenging Board position that requires a substantial time commitment for Board meetings, Committee meetings, and relevant professional development.

Additional information is contained in the below link, along with an application and a skills matrix. Consideration for appointments will include qualifications, experience, and an equitable regard to factors such as Zone distribution, size of the Board and public/separate/Francophone balance.

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Alberta School Boards Insurance Exchange (ASBIE)

This position has been filled by Candace Cole.

External committees

At any time, the ASBA is represented on approximately 80 external committees.

These committees are established by a variety of sponsoring agencies or organizations. Several of these committees advise Alberta Education as provincial educational policy is developed in areas such as curriculum, student evaluation practices, teacher certification requirements and practices, governance policies and finance plans. Departments of government other than Alberta Education, such as Alberta Infrastructure, also seek our advice through advisory committees. Other committees provide input to post secondary institutions, especially as their work relates to teacher training. Yet other committees provide input to stakeholder organizations such as the Alberta Teachers’ Association.

ASBA’s appointment criteria and processes are guided by ASBA Board Governance Policy 9 Board of Directors Representatives to External Committees.

External Committees List (Updated September 2019)

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