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ASBA offers member school boards professional services from employee engagement surveys, organizational assessments and governance support to crisis communications and media relations support.

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Governance Matters: Fiscal Oversight

This highly interactive workshop will focus on five major oversight responsibilities of the board. It will also examine the impact of the Education Act in terms of board responsibilities, natural person powers and Education Act regulations regarding borrowing, investments and disposition of property. Finally, an understanding of results-based budgeting may prepare the board for budgeting during challenging times.

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ASBA Consulting Services

Education Services

ASBA's expert education services team will help your board with everything from professional development to board evaluation and everything in between.

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ASBA Consulting Services


Are you ready for a media crisis? ASBA's communications manager can guide you through the process and make sure you're ready to respond.

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We offer public engagement and facilitation

We offer skilled, third-party facilitation to manage and guide your meeting or event, so you don’t have to; allowing you to fully engage and focus on the dialogue. Facilitation is useful for both small group and large groups, such as focus groups, stakeholder feedback sessions, and large employee meetings dealing with a specific topic.

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