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Professional services include services where a tangible deliverable or product provided at the completion of the engagement, usually accompanied by some analysis. Typically, a professional service engagement is treated similar to a project, with a start and completion date, estimated costs quoted upfront, and an expected product at the conclusion. ASBA offers a broad range of professional services to school boards across the province.


Professional development includes education or skill improvement opportunities. ASBA delivers onsite workshops on a variety of topics. ASBA also offers custom workshops based on the unique needs and situation of the school board. Professional development is typically charged on a per event or course basis; however, this may depend on the complexity of the engagement.


Leadership services include offerings which may be on an individual basis, ad-hoc or one-time basis, and typically with no fixed timeline associated. Services within this category may include general advisory services, leadership coaching, as examples. Leadership services are typically charged on a direct hourly basis, or a retained service arrangement may be established.

Rate: $250/hour (includes travel, accommodations and meals) 

Interim Senior Officer/School Boards Consultant Tash Taylor, and Education Consultants Jim Gibbons and Terry Gunderson are available to provide counsel and advice about governance and policy to school boards and senior administrators. These services are available in English or French on a fee for service basis.

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Education services catalogue

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Education services catalogue
Public engagement and facilitation

Following the principles of the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2), ASBA is proud to offer public engagement facilitation and community engagement survey services for school boards.

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