FGM Speakers

Keynote and concurrent session: David Irvine

Moving forward Together David Irvine, a world-renowned speaker, author and trusted leadership advisor, provided an engaging session on Moving forward Together. With more than forty years of experience as a family therapist, workshop facilitator, lecturer and adviser to executives, David has dedicated his life to helping leaders create accountable and authentic organizations. Authentic Leadership In this session, David Irvine, one of Canada’s premier thought-leaders in the field of authentic leadership, shared a profoundly human view of leadership and community building.

Keynote: Dr. Shimi Kang

An award-winning medical doctor, researcher and expert on the neuroscience of adaptability, leadership and self-motivation, Dr. Kang provides science-based solutions for health, happiness and achievement. Dr. Kang provided an informative session on Healthy Habits in an Ever-Changing World.

Concurrent session: Dr. Leroy Little Bear: Indigenous Ways of Learning

Participants in this session learned about Indigenous ways of learning and engaged with members of ASBA's Indigenous Advisory Council in a conversation about the importance and significance of understanding and embracing Indigenous perspectives on education. Dr. Leroy Little Bear is a Blackfoot researcher, professor emeritus at the University of Lethbridge, founding member of Canada's first Native American Studies Department and a recognized leader and influential advocate for First Nations education.

Concurrent session: Brian Woodland: The 5 Cs of Communication

In this session, participants discovered the 5 Super C’s— the powerful ideas and strategies to help deliver the story of schools to key audiences. Presenter Brian Woodland heads communications firm BrianInspires. He has 32 years of experience in public education, including as Director of Communications and Community Relations for the Peel District School Board, one of Canada’s largest school districts.