Schedule of Events

Schedule of Events

June 7

7:00 am Orientation for Voting Delegates
7:50 am Opening remarks
 8:00 am Remarks from the Honourable Minister Adriana LaGrange
9:00 am Call to Order
12:00 pm Lunch (The Chair will call a break for lunch as close to 12:00 pm as debate allows)
1:00 pm Association business continues

June 8

8:30 am Delegates log into Zoom
 8:45 am Welcome
9:00 am


Keynote Sandra Herbst:

  • System Alignment for Deep Learning…Even in These Times
10:15 am Musician: Mireille Moquin
10:30 am


Keynote Michael Fullan

  • Leading Education: Transformation in Post-Pandemic Times
11:40 am – 12:45 pm


11:40 am
12:20 pm



  • Dallas Arcand
  • Student Performers
12:50 pm


Speaker Bev Baker-Hofmann

  • Supporting the Mental Health of Students and School Staff
1:50 pm


Speaker Laurie French, CSBA

  • Greetings and update on National Advocacy 
2:05 pm


Speaker Alan Campbell, MSBA

  • Best Practices for Trustees
2:45 pm Break
3:05 pm


Speaker Andy Hargreaves

  • Virtual book release: Five Paths of Student Engagement
3:15 pm


Keynote John Hattie

  • Leaning into the Rebound  
4:30 pm Closing remarks