Insurance Programs

Through the ASBA, school boards and their employees have access to a health benefits plan, a broad insurance program, a supplemental pension plan for senior staff and a preferred rate for home and auto insurance. For more information contact ASBA 1.780.482.7311.


Created in 1968, the Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan (ASEBP) provides employment benefits to the education sector. The ASEBP governing board is made up of five people appointed by the Alberta School Boards Association and five people appointed by the Alberta Teachers’ Association.

ASEBP Insurance Board Representatives

Drew Chipman, Chair
Secretary-Treasurer, Foothills School Division

Judy Muir
Trustee, Northern Gateway Public Schools

Brad Toone
Trustee, Livingstone Range School Division

Kim Pasula
Trustee, Red Deer Catholic

Daryl Scott
Trustee, Wild Rose School Division



The Alberta School Boards Insurance Exchange (ASBIE) will be winding down effective October 31, 2020.

For more information please contact Nieta World, Principal Attorney at 780-887-2421.

ASBIE Insurance Board Representatives

Ed Latka, Chair
Secretary Treasurer, STAR Catholic

John Evans, Director
Vice-Chair, Foothills School Division

Brad Toone
Trustee, Livingstone Range School Division

Ralph Paquin
Secretary Treasurer, Peace Wapiti School Division

Antonia Stiuca
Finance Manager, ASBA

Home and auto insurance for trustees and school board employees

The ASBA through a partnership with TD Insurance Meloche Monnex offers a preferred rate on Home and Auto Insurance to all trustees and employees of school boards who are members of the Association. Get your free quote today by calling 1.866.366.6668 or click on Home Insurance and Auto Insurance. This program is maintained and administered by TD Insurance Meloche Monnex.