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Alberta School Boards Association Launches Innovation and Artificial Intelligence Committee to Drive Educational Innovation

May 29, 2024, Edmonton, ABAlberta School Boards Association (ASBA) is pleased to announce the establishment of its Innovation and Artificial Intelligence (IAI) Committee, a strategic initiative aimed at creating guidance on AI and emerging technologies for school boards as governors of the system.

ASBA recognizes the critical importance of staying ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving landscape of AI and emerging technologies, and impacts to classrooms and learning. Through the work of its IAI Committee, ASBA reaffirms its commitment to proactive governance and innovation in education.

“The establishment of the Innovation and Artificial Intelligence Committee marks a significant step forward in our efforts to ensure that ASBA’s locally-elected member school boards are equipped to proactively respond to recent technological advancement,” said Marilyn Dennis, President of ASBA. “We look forward to exploring the potential of Artificial Intelligence and emerging technologies to drive educational innovation across the province.”

The IAI Committee will explore leveraging Artificial Intelligence and emerging technologies to enhance education, policies to govern its ethical, inclusive, and equitable use, and ways that students can be prepared to live and work in an AI future.

Operating as an advisory body, the IAI Committee will provide recommendations to the ASBA Board of Directors on a range of topics including learning, policy, partnerships and legislation related to technology, innovation and Artificial Intelligence in education.

Alberta School Boards Association (ASBA) serves Alberta’s 61 locally elected public, catholic and francophone school boards, and the four public and catholic boards from Yellowknife and Lloydminster. For more information visit:

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Katy Campbell
Director of Communications and Zone Engagement, ASBA