Alberta’s locally-elected school boards are a critical voice in education

School boards need to be brought to the table for discussions about how best to serve students

April 8, 2019, Edmonton, AB — With the election just over one week away, Alberta’s locally-elected school boards are asking where they fit in the education platforms of the different political parties. A review of the education funding formula and curriculum review are just a couple of the topics that have been raised to this point.

Many parties have already committed to a review of the funding formula. This is critical in supporting jurisdictions throughout the province to meet the needs of our complex school systems. It is essential that the Alberta School Boards Association (ASBA) is brought to the table to support this review and share their input on school board autonomy and sustainable funding for education. The new funding formula needs to empower school boards with the flexibility to distribute funding according to the particular needs of their school communities and to keep students in a safe and productive learning environment.

What locally-elected school boards need to support Alberta’s students:

  • ASBA needs to be involved in the funding formula review;
  • Support for student population growth and the diverse and complex needs of all students in urban, metro, and rural communities;
  • Assurance that school boards will be given increased autonomy and a meaningful voice on matters of importance;
  • Assurance that locally-elected school boards will be involved in any curriculum reviews and implementation to provide a flexible and inclusive system.

With an influx of new students expected in the next year, ensuring the flexibility and autonomy of local school boards means ensuring a quality education and providing our future generation with the skills they need to meet the demands of a diversified future.

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