Alberta School Boards Association (ASBA) is the champion of all locally-elected public, catholic and francophone school boards, big and small, from Airdrie to Zama Lake and everywhere in between. Passionate and dedicated, ASBA offers a provincial voice to school boards—a say in the future of education in our province.

In doing so, we open the doors to diversity, giving families more opportunities to connect with a world-class education system that meets the needs of their children.

We bring together guidance, expertise and advocacy– always listening to concerns and needs and presenting a balanced viewpoint. Everything we do, we do with one thing in mind –

To promote and serve member boards in supporting student success.

How do we do this?

ASBA is a voice for Alberta's strong, diverse publicly-funded education system

Your school board is an advocate for public education and for the local school system. The school board consults its constituents and shares information with MLAs and government. As the one association that represents all 61 public, catholic and francophone school boards in Alberta, Alberta School Boards Association takes the school board's advocacy to another level, championing local decision making and local school board autonomy. Members can access position statements linked below.

Position Statements - June 2023
Choice in Education

Locally-elected school boards offer choice in Alberta's publicly-funded education system

Alberta’s public, catholic and francophone schools offer an abundance of programs including internationally recognized programs.