Board of Directors


Meet ASBA’s Board of Directors


Marilyn Dennis


Shali Baziuk


Tammy Henkel

Zone 1 Director

Devonna Klaassen

Zone 2/3 Director

Colleen Holowaychuk

Zone 2/3 Director

Trudy Bratland

Zone 4 Director

Robert Pirie

Zone 5 Director

Allison Purcell

Zone 6 Director

Myra D'Souza

Calgary Catholic School Division Director

Patricia Bolger

Calgary Board of Education Director

Dawn Hancock

Edmonton Public Schools Director

Alene Mutala

Edmonton Catholic Schools Director

Réginald Roy

Director representing Francophone Regional Authorities

Alternate Directors

Meet ASBA’s Alternate Directors

Zone 1 Alternate Director

Joan Nellis 

Calgary Catholic School District Alternate Director

Lory Iovinelli

Zone 2/3 Alternate Directors

Paula Galenzoski

Jean Boisvert

Calgary Board of Education Alternate Director

Laura Hack

Zone 4 Alternate Director

Dianne Macaulay

Edmonton Public Schools Alternate Director

Trisha Estabrooks

Zone 5 Alternate Director

John Evans

Edmonton Catholic Schools Alternate Director

Debbie Engel

Zone 6 Alternate Director

Pat Connor

Alternate Director representing Francophone Regional Authorities

Hélène Emmell


Supporting Committees

At any time, the ASBA is represented on approximately 80 external committees. These committees are established by a variety of sponsoring agencies or organizations.

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