Our team

Meet the team supporting Alberta’s 61, locally-elected public, separate and francophone school boards.

For media inquiries, please contact Katy Campbell, Strategic Communications Advisor.

Dr. Vivian Abboud

Chief Executive Officer 780.451.7101

Jan Olson

Chief Business Officer 780.451.7125

Steven Langer

Chief Officer, Education and Professional Development 780.451.7128

Katy Campbell

Strategic Communications Advisor 780.451.7137

Danielle Antoniuk

Strategic Communications Advisor 780.451.7132

Jennifer Elsinga

Executive Administrator 780.451.7136

Heather Mosher

Corporate Receptionist 780.482.7311

Antonia Stiuca

Manager of Finance 780.451.7114

Teresa Ergezinger

Finance Assistant 780.451.7129

Chelsea McNaughton

Manager, Board Governance 780.451.7112

Maryanne McGrath

Governance Associate 780.451.7120

Layla Dumont

Indigenous Relations Coordinator 780.451.7115

James Tapankov

Learning Specialist 780.451.7117

Anastasia Atwood

Information and Research Coordinator 780.451.7121

Alexandre St-Laurent

Events Management and French Services Coordinator 780.451.7110

Noreen Pownall

Event Planner 780.451.7102

Cindi Vaselenak

ASBA Consultant 780.451.7123

Terry Gunderson

Education Consultant 780.451.7116

Jim Gibbons

Education Consultant 1.403.507.9522

Maurice Fritze

Education Consultant 780.988.6650

Dr. Norman Yanitski

Education Consultant 780.293.8809
ASBA Governance

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